The compact electric boat for higher demands.


With seating for five and a sunbed at the stern, it's ideal for daily use or as a base for quick trips or weekend tours.

Starting at: EUR 79.200.–

(Price incl. VAT.)


The LEX610 is a technically state-of-the art modern motorboat that is simultaneously a magnificent recollection of the yacht forms from the first half of the 20th century.

- German Design Award 2016 (Excellent Product Design)

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At a glance


6.1 m


2.12 m

Sunbed surface

1.5 x 1.2 m



Empty weight

~ 580 kg


≬ 0.44 &
0.5 m


~ 1.1 m³



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When it comes to electric propulsion, the majority of shipyards take the combustion engines out of their existing boats and replace them with an electric system. We designed the LEX610 with electric propulsion in mind.

- Christian Lex (Founder & Engineer)



Take it easy.

From the very beginning, achieving a maximum of comfort and functionality guided the boat's entire design process.


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Your Boat. Your Style!

The black and white way of thinking belongs in the past. The surfaces from hull to deck can be selected and customised from a variety of brilliant colours.

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Personalized in every detail.

We can customise numerous parts completely according to your individual wishes and create your unique vision - with your choice from a wide variety of materials and lettering.

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During fast curves, the sporty LEX lays way back and pulls cleanly around the corner without ventilating, breaking out or abrupt slamming.


Through the efficient energy conversion of the electric engine, a high torque moment is achieved at the first revolution. Combined with our lightweight construction, a quick acceleration is guaranteed.

With a reduced slant and ease of steering the hull easily turns in circles and curves.

We develop the essential battery capacity for any setting, cruises or destinations. This means that the matter of "range" is no longer a concern for you.

Robust Power.

The electric motor from our partner, Piktronik, provides full thrust for your LEX from the very first second. No matter whether 4.0 KW is enough for you, or if you want to really let it rip with 60.0 KW.

2.0 / 4.0 / 60.0

5 HP - 180 HP



Everything's possible Onboard.

Upon manufacture, your LEX has everything it needs to delight you with a high level of comfort and smooth sailing. With our high-end interior lines Elegance and Luxury you can extend the style according to your taste.


  • Hull and deck laminated by a vacuum infusion with reinforcements

  • Waterline coloured with gelcoat (depending on hull colour)

  • Interior shell sealed with top coat

  • Double-sided teak gunwale railing

  • Stainless steel skirting around the boat

  • Stainless steel bow cover

  • Stainless steel skirting around the bathing platform

  • Self-draining cockpit with two drains 

  • Storage lateral to the cockpit, under the rear bench, and in the bow

  • Tinted windscreen

  • Teak flooring in the cockpit and on the swimming platform

  • Headlights in the bow

  • 12 V E-panel with automatic circuit breaker

  • 3 position lights (red, green, and white)

  • 1 automatic bilge pump

  • Cushion set, 2 adjustable chairs

  • White upholstery with black stitching

  • Stainless steel folding swimming ladder

  • Handrails on the rear and swimming handle

  • Gasspring for the engine compartment box

  • Hold up spring for the bow storage area

  • Cup holder

  • 4 adjustable clamps, U-bolt

  • CE owners handbook

Elegance Line

  • Includes the entire "Basic Configuration"

  • Cockpit and sunbed cover

  • Fusion Marine Audio, two speakers, and Bluetooth

  • Antifouling with osmosis primer coat

  • Bimini Top

  • Cockpit table

  • White underwater lights

  • Starter Set Classic

Luxury Line

  • Includes the entire "Elegance Line"

  • Special colour options for the hull and deck

  • Special colour options for the upholstery and stitching

  • Special tinting colour options for the windscreen

  • Wireless mobile phone charger

  • LED floor lighting in the cockpit and bathing platform

  • Fusion marine audio, four speakers, marine amplifier, and Bluetooth

  • Five colours of underwater lights

  • Refrigerated drawer in the cockpit

  • Starter kit including design selection

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