Inside Lex Boats.

There isn't always just one clever mind behind it all.

But rather two. We both grew up around boats and often asked ourselves why the market hadn't developed anything that satisfied our high standards for design and performance. The answer: we'll do it ourselves.

We began our journey in 2013 exactly with this in mind. The first sketches began to take form. A unique one! The L-bow of our first lightning blue LEX610 attracted a lot of attention. That's just how we wanted it. Technically sophisticated, professionally constructed, and a feast for the eyes. A clear line with lots of space for freedom in all the colours of the rainbow. Extra light for electric drive technology.

Today our fleet has expanded to three models (LEX610, LEX650, and LEX790) and we're not done yet!

Our development goal was to produce a boat that could deliver an efficient and simultaneously dynamic performance whether propelled by an electric or combustion engine.

- Nina Lex (Design & Service)

Sharp Style.

The characteristic design unites the look of a classic runabout and the independent, unique contures of Lex boats. The sharp L-bow form of the hull cuts through the water and contributes to efficiency and dynamism.

Lightweight Design.

If you look good, you also want to cut a good figure on the scales. That's why our boats are consistently trimmed for lightweight construction. They are easy to trailer, perform optimally with any drive - and offer plenty of scope for individualisation.


As you like it.

Stay true to your line.

The standard configuration of our boats can be enhanced with our Elegance and Luxury lines. Whatever you prefer: both offer you a maximum of individual options for forms, colours, and materials.

„You don't need a boat, but you want one! And when you want one, then the wishes of Mr. and Ms. Captain should also be fulfilled.“

- Nina & Christian Lex

Fulfilled wishes are good wishes.

Our decor lines cover a broad spectrum of attractive options. Whether ambient lighting or unusual materials. We're open to your ideas of how to design your LEX boat even more individually.

Perfect Combination.

We want to make things easy for you. But truthfully - it's not easy to choose between the many colour, fabric, and material variations for your LEX boat - because there is an overwhelming variety to choose from.



Electrifying Dynamism.

Once you've experienced the immediate thrust and the thrilling power of electric drive, you understand instantly where the fascination originates. With our light construction, the Piktronik motors perfectly complement the drive. They are available in the performance strength ranging from 4 to 180 kW.

Efficient Power

The optionally available Mercury Marine Diesel Outboard for the LEX790 provides powerful 450 hp with extremely moderate consumption.

Our Crew


From the very first spark until the finalization of the boat's transmission - my responsibilities bring high voltage every day.

- Markus Prüggler (Electrical Engineer)